Hello, Here you will find a collection of tasks to cleanup your computer and increase peformance. Most of which can be done for free. It is intended for the common user who is not a computer expert. Make a selection from the table of contents.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Advanced Disk Cleanup

In the basic cleanup tasks, I discussed windows disk cleanup. Though this does the basics, I would recommend a more thorough file cleanup. I like CCleaner to do this. It is available for download off the internet and is free to use. (See the link on the left)
Go to the
CCleaner website, download, install then run the application. Make a selection of what you want included, then either analyse or run the cleaner. A report of what will be (or has been) deleted will be displayed.
There is also the option of right-clicking on your recycle bin to run ccleaner.

Note: When using CCleaner, I usually disable the deletion of cookies. This is so I don’t loose any personalised data for specific websites. Any nasty cookies would have been deleted when scanning for spyware.

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