Hello, Here you will find a collection of tasks to cleanup your computer and increase peformance. Most of which can be done for free. It is intended for the common user who is not a computer expert. Make a selection from the table of contents.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cleanup Startup Programs

As you install various pieces of software on your computer, some will configure components to automatically start when you start windows. Minimising these by removing the ones you don’t really need to run can increase your computers startup performance and the general speed of your pc. Here I will discuss two methods of editing your startup applications;

Method 1: System configuration utility
Windows includes a handy little utility to edit your startup programs. Go to the start menu and select “run”. Type “msconfig”, then ok. Once started, goto the “startup” tab. Here you will find a list of programs that will automatically start. Remove the tick in the checkbox to disable a particular item. When finished, press ok. You will then be asked if you want to restart immediately, or at a later stage.

Method 2 : CCleaner
In previous posts, I recommended the installation on CCleaner. (advanced disk cleanup and registry clean). CCleaner also includes a startup application editing. To do this, start CCleaner. Select tools. Select startup. Delete an entry you no longer require.

Note: For both methods, I do not recommend removing any item you can’t identify. Some items are required such as virus monitors, spyware monitors or other items that run in the background of your pc. Do your homework, starting by doing a simple search of the item on the internet.

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