Hello, Here you will find a collection of tasks to cleanup your computer and increase peformance. Most of which can be done for free. It is intended for the common user who is not a computer expert. Make a selection from the table of contents.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Welcome to computer cleanup

This site is intended for novice users to assist in performing a basic cleanup of your computer. Simply step through the six basic cleanup tasks you see in the top left menu. If you’re feeling adventurous, also perform the five intermediate cleanup tasks as well. Here, I assume you are using Windows XP, but tasks apply to other windows operating systems as well.

I often help people with their computers. One of the most common complaints is a slow performing computer. I find this is usually attributed to a badly maintained computer. Especially when it comes to spyware. These tasks performed on a regular basis will have your computer running faster and safer.

In most cases, the steps utilise existing software built into windows or other software that is free to use. In most cases, this does the job as good or better than expensive retail utilities.

Hate waiting for a slow Computer? He looks like he needs to look at the tasks in the top left menu! This page brought to you by Prompt Legal Services