Hello, Here you will find a collection of tasks to cleanup your computer and increase peformance. Most of which can be done for free. It is intended for the common user who is not a computer expert. Make a selection from the table of contents.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Windows Disk Cleanup

As you use your computer, temporary working files are created in various locations on your hard drive without necessarily being deleted after use. After months or even years have passed, these files can accumulate to quite a substantial number and size. It is worth cleaning up these files every now and then to [a] make more space available on your hard-drive, [b] speed up your computer by having less files that various scanners and searches have to process.
Fortunately, Microsoft has included a very basic utility to clean-up these files. This utility is called “Disk Cleanup” and can usually be found in Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools. (Note: Most people will select c: drive when prompted)
After some calculation is done, you will be prompted to select what you want to clean-up. As you select each item, it provides an explanation of what task will be performed. If you are unsure about an individual item, don’t select it. When done, click ok to begin the cleanup. Note: the program will simply exit when done.
Note: Look for future posts regarding more advanced temporary file cleanup.

Here is a you-tube video not done by me;

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